Why I Chose 360 Payments

If you could work for any startup which one would it be?

I’m an entrepreneur, part of the Bunker Labs community, living in the Bay Area, and I have helped multiple organizations scale using my unique skillset that combines my military and growth hacking background. (I really don’t love the term growth hacking – can someone invent a better one?)

Needless to say, I had plenty of options.

Recently my friend Eric Mitchell introduced me to 360 Payments as a rocket ship that needed a COO. He told me I should leap on, and I’m thrilled I did.

Race to Zero

For too long the credit card payment processing industry has been a disaster. It’s been compared to a commodity with competitors undercutting each other and racing to zero. Sales reps typically employ an archaic turn and burn style, and customer service has been almost nonexistent. Business owners feel like numbers instead of names, and for the most part that’s what they are.

360 Payments is different. Here’s why.

When I identify a problem or a challenge, I will not let it go until it’s solved.

My previous startup, NextGenJustice, set out to change the fabric of the legal system by helping businesses and people navigate the minefield that we call the legal industry. Unfortunately, there is much still to do in that sector. However, anyone born in the 1980s or earlier has seen the tremendous growth that has come to entertainment, travel, education, and medicine because of technology and the internet.

Google and Apple have done a great deal of work attempting to disrupt the payment industry, but their efforts have been mostly focused on the consumer side. They are not solving the problem from the perspective of enterprise. While organizations like Stripe offer a simple API to set up an e-commerce site, the solution is not comprehensive enough to really disrupt how consumers buy products.

360 Payments is launching a suite of technologies and innovative products that we are branding as Velox (Latin for “rapid”) and that will change the way consumers and businesses accept payments by providing a thorough understanding of how the technology can be easily incorporated into an enterprise’s existing software.

94% of consumers are likely to save personalized wallet offers, while 59% want to receive mobile coupons and other deals from retailers. The timing is perfect to disrupt payments, and 360 Payments has the team, funding, and experience to do it.

Idea + Execution = Innovation

Living in Silicon Valley, where everyone has an idea, you quickly learn that you only have the capacity to innovate if you have the corresponding team to implement it.

360 Payment has an amazing team with three co-founders that all have a tremendous amount of industry experience. I have never seen such an effective team running efficiently on all cylinders.

More importantly, everyone that is part of the organization sees it as a family that approaches every challenge with a common goal. 360 operates more like a cohesive sports team that wins Super Bowls than a cutthroat startup.

Our “work hard, play hard” culture will ensure our customers and organization are successful.

Revenue Traction & Funding

You may be wondering who has funded 360 Payments and our new Velox brand. The answer is simple – our customers! Away from Velox, 360 Payments has grown from the ground up by helping thousands of retail and e-commerce customers with their payment needs. Among other honors we have been named to Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies two years in a row.

Historically, the credit card payment industry has not placed customers’ needs first. 360 Payments is not your average credit card processor. We are a businesses partner in our customers’ success.

Some key points about 360 Payments:

1. Our low pricing is fair, and it’s clear and easy to understand. We do not charge extra fees.

2. Our own in-house team monitors and reviews your charges to combat theft and prevent funding issues.

3. We have a robust, creative technical support team that works with your business to ensure you have a 21st century payment processing solution for your e-commerce or brick and mortar business.

Readers, you either own a business or know somebody that does. Believe me when I say that 360 is the right partner to connect with, and that I am proud to be part of the team.

PS – If you need a credit card processor with a soul, email me. If you’re a developer and need payment integration, email me too.

PPS – If you need a job, we are hiring!

By: Derek Distenfield

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