What Does It Mean to Bleed Green?

It’s no coincidence our Co-CEO, Steve, is from Philadelphia, and most of our core “Original Gs” met in the Philly area in 2006. Since we are diehard New York Giants fans and also obsessed with 360 Payments, we are adjusting the definition of “bleed green” to read:


A verb used to describe the passion of a 360 team member.



Do you remember that person in school? You know, the one who always wore school colors on Friday before the big game and was the loudest at the pep rally, the childhood athlete who sold the most entertainment books, pizzas, or candy bars to pay for their team jersey, the captain of the soccer team, the prom queen, the straight-A student, the one that pretty much singlehandedly kept the school store in business buying pencils and notebooks with their school mascot on them, the one voted most school-spirited or most likely to run a Fortune 500 Silicon Valley startup before they were 30? Yes, that one. That was us combined, and we will let you figure out who was who.



So what does this have to do with bleeding green? Picture that kid – they bled for their school, their team, and the values their school and team represented. But how do you create and maintain that in your professional career or for your company? Is bleeding green a skill or an attitude? Is it nature or nurture? Do the stars have to align perfectly to bleed green? Honestly, we don’t have an exact formula or answer, but we can tell you how we continue to bleed green every day and give you some tips on how to do so at your company and in your career.



Let’s face it, credit card processing isn’t sexy – but we do our damn best to attract clients and make it as fun as possible. No matter what your position is, what you’re selling, representing, or servicing, you need to bring your “A” game every single day. Saving people money is the easy part of any sale, and at 360, we pride ourselves on making businesses more efficient. To bleed green, you need to like the challenge. You need to love fixing problems. Every business and person is unique, and we do not make them fit into our box. Are you trying to make people fit into your box? Have you ever thought about trying to fit into theirs?




Another benefit of bleeding green is that we wholeheartedly believe you could tell us tomorrow that the credit card processing industry doesn’t exist anymore and that our team of people would be able to build the next best company in a completely different field. Why? Because we have insane passion, a magnetic force, a strong belief in doing what is right, and we simply get more excited and more emotional than the average person. We care about our people, the small business community, and making a difference in the lives of others. Some people will say that companies have to make the choice between putting employees or customers first; we believe that both are equally important because without one, you don’t have the other. To be a part of a company or to run a company that bleeds green, you need to love who you are working with and for—your teammates, your managers, and your clients and realize that every small thing you do may not have tangible effects immediately but truly makes a big difference in the long run.






If You Build It, They Will Come – Guidelines for Employers:



1. Brand it up!


Get cool swag so the team can dress comfortably and professionally at work, at home, and in public. We are walking billboards for 360 whether we are walking our dogs, going to the airport, or coming into the office. 360 backpacks, 360 “Credit Card Processors Suck – Except Us” shirts that end up turning some heads, 360 sweatshirts, 360 hats, 360 water bottles – you name it, we’ve got it. Hell, our cars have 360 license plate frames. Why do we sport the swag outside the office on our own time? Because it’s cool, comfortable, and because we are proud! Ask your employees what they would want and buy extras so their kids, spouses, and family can rock your gear too!



2. Create a culture and really work at it.



There’s a reason why there’s a prom committee, a student council, and cheerleaders and pep rallies in school. They’re always ensuring the values and culture are upheld and constantly managed and promoted. These are either elected or volunteer positions, and our company has the same structure. Elected are the managers and senior positions whose job it is to uphold the standard. If they don’t bleed green, how can they expect their teams to bleed green? We also have team members who have volunteered to be the guardians of our values. We have company meetings that focus on culture, company events from charity walks/runs to football games to happy hours, and company softball teams, and we always include family as much as possible. Define your culture collectively, work at it daily, assess it monthly, and evolve it accordingly.



3. Realize that being a part of something bigger is a human need.



As humans, we have a sociocultural dimension that yields a physiological need for love and belonging. Inclusion is truly a human need. We all secretly want to be a part of something bigger, and it’s our job as employers to create an environment where team members feel that way. We all know wearing a team’s jersey in the crowd is not the reason why the team wins, but there’s a reason why stadiums have giveaways and why games start with chants, and why when it’s the bottom of the 9th and the tying run is on 3rd the crowd puts on their “rally caps” by turning their hats inside out (literally). One person can’t move the needle, but a stadium full of them can make enough emotion to create motion. Always have a vision of something bigger that your company can achieve, never get complacent, and allow individuals to be part of the big picture.



JUICE – Join Us In Creating Excitement – Guideline for Team Members:



1. Drink the Kool-Aid



The old school “cool” kid in the corner who doesn’t participate and skips the pep rally is no longer popular. Not everyone will be the captain or lead the charge in company spirit, and that is totally cool, but even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Any goal you have – whether it’s to learn, to be promoted, or to provide the absolute best customer service starts with the “why.” People sometimes show up to work not because they are overjoyed to work that day but because they want to show up for their teammates and clients. They put them first, and this gets them through that rough patch. Name one moment that ended up being one of your best that didn’t start off with you being vulnerable. Falling in love, moving across the country for a job that may or may not work out, having a tough but critical conversation – they all start with allowing yourself to get hurt. And that’s OK! It starts with committing to the end goal of winning and by drinking the Kool-Aid you get to that point quicker as a team. Remember that your employer wants you to win too and that it’s a lot easier to love than hate. Actions speak louder than words, so show your company your commitment and get on board with their vision!



2. Integrity & Forgiveness



It’s in our genetics and we hold true to these characteristics. Do you do the right thing when no one is looking? It’s so easy to say but so hard to do. Everyone has an emotional bank account – when you do the right thing, a deposit goes in and when you do the wrong thing, a withdrawal comes out. When the wrong things happen at 360, we forgive. It’s OK to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. When you do make them, be forthcoming with your peers, clients, and managers. Honesty trumps all and people are more forgiving than we give them credit for. Think about the people you would be most upset if you disappointed and imagine them watching your every move at work…would you be making them proud?



3. Sacrifice



When your team or clients need something, you might sacrifice seeing the starting pitch, a happy hour with your friends, or even the season finale of your favorite show (hey that’s what DVR is for). Don’t have the, “it’s not my job” mentality, never ever be bored, and if you are, ask for more to do. Remember that you are getting paid to bring your best self to work. Strive to learn something new every day, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and put others before yourself because karma has a weird way of coming back around.


Bleeding green starts with you, and whether you are the employer or an employee, it’s completely up to you what level you want to reach. The common theme we see at 360 and with other people who love their work is that these people would do anything for anyone, love to have fun, and simply love to win. It’s fun to be around other people like the kids referenced in our introduction. Be that kid and whatever your company’s color is, bleed it. #itsoktobeobsessedwithwork


Want to know more about what makes 360 Payments different from the other credit card processors out there? We’d love to show you. Give us a call at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website to learn more.


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