By Rene Leveque, Operations Manager, and Bryan Orinion, Field Technician at 360 Payments



S – Started from the bottom (now we’re here)



There is no college degree in credit card processing. We all started at the bottom in our company and got scrappy to learn everything about our industry with no manual. We made choices others were not willing to make and sacrificed the “normal” life for ourselves to be able to provide it for our future team members. We built everything out of nothing by digging deep.





Actual image of how deep we dug



What starting from the bottom means to us:



  • March 11, 2011: We had 0 clients, no reputation, no partnerships, no office, no merchant support or operations teams, no field techs, and no idea where our next sale would come from.

  • March 11, 2018: We have three-time placement on the 5000 list, two-time Best Places to Work honors, an Ops team where the OGs are now training others, over 40 partnerships, significant donations to nonprofits, and over 4000 clients.



C – Calefacient



You might be wondering what calafacient means. To be honest, we’re not entirely sure what it means either. Unable to find any relevant adjectives to use for the letter “C”, we decided to use our scrappiness to make this word work for our awesome acronym. And if you’re still reading this, calefacient is a medical term for a substance that “produces a sensation of heat when applied to the body.”



R – Resilient



Just when you want to throw in the towel, that is exactly when your law of averages is about to kick in and deliver the result you’ve been searching for. It’s like priming a pump – you pump and pump and when you finally start to get what you think is water coming out, it’s actually sludge. If you stop because you get discouraged, the process restarts and all you will ever get is sludge. But if you push through that moment and keep pumping, shortly after you’ll get clean water. It’s pushing through when you don’t get the result you want the first time.



A – Ambitious



We shoot for the moon, because if we miss at least we land among the stars. We don’t look to do the bare minimum. We go hard after the goal to exceed expectations. It’s the little choices to stay those extra 10 mins and finish something that could totally wait for tomorrow that make us more successful than the next company. Average is boring. Average is getting 70% of it right. We can’t be average when it comes to a business’s money and their ability to take care of their families.





It’s either Steve or Lisa in that suit, so thanks Steve or Lisa for landing on the moon for us!

P – Poised



We handle every situation with class and grace. Scrappy doesn’t mean we throw away the book on manners. We get it done at all costs and deliver a higher class of customer service because our customers can choose any processor but they choose 360. The best way to thank them is to provide 5-star service every day.



P – Persistent



We’re like the Science Channel on TV – we question everything. Why? If you ask why 3 times you usually get to the root of the challenge and that’s our role in the payments world. We wear down old-school ways of thinking and procedures and evolve them into progressive actions that can make payments quicker, easier, and more robust. We figure it out because “I don’t know” or “I just couldn’t find the answer” is not an option.



Y – Yerba Mate (all day)



Red Bull might give you wings, but there is usually a crash around 1 pm. Yerba Mate is our 360 energy drink of choice because crashing halfway through the day is not an option. We bring a refreshing solution to payments where our business owners don’t need to worry or stress. Go out and grab yourself a Yerba Mate today. Specifically the red one. The blue one is pretty good too.




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