If you’re like most software vendors, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your product offerings and gain an edge on the competition. You also probably have a development roadmap that spans months or even years, chock-full of great ideas that just have to wait their turn until your busy team can get to them. Perhaps integrated payments are already on that roadmap somewhere, or perhaps they’re not. Either way, they’re almost certainly not as close to the top as they should be. Here are our top three reasons why your software needs integrated payments ASAP.



Your Customers Are Waiting for It



Why on earth should you upend your carefully crafted development plan to work on integrated payments? Well, quite simply, because your customers want them. Unless there’s some sort of major security flaw or bug in your current version, the items at the top of your list should always be those for which your customer is asking. However, it’s unlikely that your customers are coming right out and saying, “I want an integrated payments feature.” Instead, they’ll complain about a complicated checkout process, payment reconciliation issues, bookkeeping that wastes hours of time, and inconvenient refund procedures. They’re really asking for integrated payments, which alleviate all these issues and more. Your customers (and theirs) will love the increased ease, speed, and simplicity of an integrated payments setup.



You’ll Probably Be Able to Save Some Money – and Your Customers Will Too



Once you find a payment processor whose payment gateway you really like (ahem…check out Velox by 360 Payments), you’ll likely find that they’ll be willing to offer you and your customers a discounted price. Most businesses are currently being fleeced by their credit card processor through high rates, hidden fees, and frequent price increases. The credit card processing industry is very competitive, and the payment gateway you choose to work with will likely be willing to offer you a pretty attractive deal. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?



It’s Much Easier to Implement Than You Think



Even if you’re convinced that integrated payments are the way to go for your business, you’re likely already cringing at the thought of how hard this will be to get rolling. Surely there will be iteration after iteration, months of complicated dev work, hundreds of phone calls, and countless headaches. Nope – at least not when you’re working with 360 Payments. Most payment integrations, including ours, operate using an Application Programming Interface (better known as an API) format. This allows for simple and quick implementation into your existing setup – no weeping and gnashing of teeth required.



I’m Ready – How Do I Get Started?



If you’re ready to get started with the payment integration process, we are too! Give us a call at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website. We’d love to help you start offering your customers a faster and simpler way to pay.



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