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360 Payments is excited to announce that ProfitBoost Auto Shop Management Software has chosen 360 Payments as a preferred payments partner. 360 Payments is a credit card processor founded on the principles of transparency and fairness. The credit card processing industry is opaque and can often be overwhelming to entrepreneurs. 360 Payments was founded with the mission to revolutionize the industry through top-notch customer service, community involvement, and employment opportunities that give team members the chance to earn a meaningful and honest income. Partnering with ProfitBoost is part of our continued drive to better ourselves and to do more for entrepreneurs. You can learn more about our partnership here.

“We are thrilled to partner with ProfitBoost to provide accessible, forward-thinking credit card processing services to their customers.” ~ Steve Ciabattoni 


“360 Payments has built a reputation for being a true partner to business owners by teaching them how to improve their credit card processing while providing the tools they need to push their business to new heights,” says Scott Johnson, ProfitBoost’s CEO. “We are partnering with ProfitBoost to keep reaching more entrepreneurs and creating more opportunities to support auto repair businesses nationwide,” explains 360 Payments co-CEO Steve Ciabattoni.


360 Payments has partnered with ProfitBoost to help auto repair shops streamline their businesses and manage their payments more efectively. “We could not be more pleased to join the ProfitBoost family,” explains Steve Ciabattoni. “We were looking for a partner who we felt was a trendsetter in the auto repair space and who could help us touch more shop owners, and ProfitBoost was the natural choice.” The partnership will include a promise from 360 to meet or beat a shop’s current pricing structure, the most up-to-date EMV chip card reader technology, and an integrated credit card processing system that reduces mistakes and speeds up the payment process. Small to mid-sized auto repair shops across the United States will benefit from increased efficiency and savings. 360’s easy-to-use API allows ProfitBoost to offer seamless integration into its auto shop management software while maintaining security and PCI compliance. 360’s mission is to provide every shop in the ProfitBoost network with the training, resources, and support they need to reach their goals.


“We are excited to welcome 360 Payments to our family,” says Scott Johnson. “Through this partnership, 360 Payments and ProfitBoost are leading the charge in innovation and technological advancement and are bringing a new kind of payments process to the auto repair space. A partnership between 360 Payments and ProfitBoost makes sense for our customers, plain and simple.”

The 360 Payments and ProfitBoost partnership will usher in a new age of growth in the automotive industry. 

360 Payments integrations will be available to ProfitBoost customers in Fall 2017. Learn more about our partnership here.


For more information on how to partner with 360 Payments, contact Steve Ciabattoni at [email protected] or @360Payments on Twitter.



About 360 Payments:

360 Payments is a payment processing and gateway services company.  We make payments simple, secure, and seamless through integration with point of sale and stand-alone payment devices. 360 strives to take a consultative approach and educate our clients not just on how to save money but on how to reduce chargebacks and increase efficiency, whether in accounting and bookkeeping, payment processing, or technology implementation.



About Profit Boost:

Most software companies do not have the benefit of real world experience, but our CEO has over 20 years of experience as a shop owner. This on-the-ground experience has been put to use in our creation of the best product available today. Whether you are running a one-location shop with a single technician or multiple repair shops with many technicians, ProfitBoost automotive shop software is right for your business.

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