How to Encourage Customers to Use Touchless Payments

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things about our world, in some cases permanently. Businesses have adapted their standard ways of doing business, and as more and more brick and mortar locations reopen, leaders are trying to find the best way to balance continued health concerns with restarting the economy. Contactless payments have made a world of difference for business owners during this pandemic, but as things start to return to normal (or a version of it), customers need to know that they still have options to pay for their purchases safely. Here’s how you can encourage customers to use touchless payments as a permanent payments solution.

Make It Easy

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners set up remote payment solutions, and we know that the biggest barrier to customer adoption is unfamiliarity with the technology. Many business owners report that some customers are hesitant to pay by text message or through Apple Pay because they have security concerns or are just unsure how to do it properly. Make it as easy as possible for people to use contactless payments at your business. This starts with training your staff so they are completely comfortable with the technology from both a business and user perspective and can help hesitant customers. Yes, that means that every cashier should know how to use Apple Pay and Google Pay, even if they don’t have both (or either) of these apps on their own phones.

Set Clear Expectations

A little guidance is a powerful thing. If you want people to consider touchless payments as their first choice, let them know! Hang a sign like this one in your window and post another by each register. Train your staff to suggest contactless methods of payment first, rather than asking customers how they would like to pay. As long as you’re clear about your policies and why you have them, most customers should be understanding. Everyone has to do their part to continue keeping their communities safe.

Be Understanding and Compassionate

No matter what you do, some customers just aren’t going to be comfortable with touchless payments. This is where the rubber meets the road. As a business owner, you can certainly enact (and publicize and clearly explain) a policy that states that you will only accept contactless methods of payments. Be advised, however, that this may be met with backlash and alienate customers who only carry cash or who are committed to using the payment methods with which they are comfortable. In this and in all things, we advise compassion. Work with your customers to find the solutions that best meet both of your needs and keep everyone safe. We all have a responsibility to each other.

Understanding Your Touchless Payments Options

If you’re not sure how to accept touchless payments or if you’re even set up to do so, reach out to 360 Payments. We’d be happy to explain the solutions we offer and get you set up with one that meets your needs. You can always reach us at 1-855-360-0360 or through our website.

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