How to Decide When It’s Time to Reopen Your Business

Some states have started to slowly reopen after a long period of closure due to COVID-19. Each state has developed a different reopening strategy based on how to virus has affected their communities, but most have a roadmap to allow at least some businesses to open up again soon. As a business owner, you might be wondering when it’s appropriate to reopen your business. While you’re probably thrilled at the prospect of finally bringing in some more revenue, it’s important to be strategic about your reopening plan. Here are some things to think about when deciding when to reopen your business.

Can You Reopen Legally?

Your first consideration when deciding when to reopen your business should be when your state or county has determined that it’s permissible to do so. Many states are evaluating their reopening plans every few weeks as the outbreak continues to unfold and may change the permitted reopening date for your type of business several times. Stay informed and be flexible – don’t put any plans in place for your grand reopening that you can’t undo if the date changes at the last minute.

Can You Reopen Safely?

Once you’ve gotten the legal green light, you need to consider whether you can reopen your business without jeopardizing the health and safety of your customers and employees. This may mean mandating that both customers and employees wear masks. It may mean enhancing your cleaning and sanitizing protocols. It may mean truncating opening hours or rearranging your business layout to allow customers and employees to interact with one another as little as possible. Again, make sure you’re staying in touch with your state and local authorities as they will likely have guidelines and requirements for your specific business type. You are responsible for ensuring that your business operates as ethically as possible when you do choose to reopen.

Can You Reopen Compassionately?

Before you make a final decision on when to reopen your business, consider how your actions impact the members of your team. While many will be thrilled and grateful to get back to work, schools are closed and childcare options are limited in many states. Your employees may also be uncomfortable with returning to in-person work, particularly if they have immunocompromised family members at home. Wherever possible, act with compassion and provide ways for employees to work remotely if possible. If your business type does not translate well to remote work, be kind and understanding with your teams and work with them to help everyone get back on track together.

Navigating the “New Normal”

No matter when you choose to reopen your business, “business as usual” might look very unusual indeed. It’s important that your partners and vendors understand that things are different now and also that they provide solutions for you to reopen legally, safely, and compassionately. If your credit card processor isn’t providing you with these kinds of solutions, reach out to us at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website. We’re ready to help your business succeed in the new normal.

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