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Last week we wrote an article about how historically the summer is a slower time for sales – and how business owners tend to use the weather as an excuse for their slump. You might think of summer as the perfect time to sip umbrella drinks by the pool, but it’s also the perfect time to make your biggest sales of the year. How can that be possible? Here are our top tips to get over your summer sales slump ASAP.



Use the Vacation Mindset to Your Advantage



A common complaint about the summer season is that it seems like everyone is on vacation, all the time. While it may be true that you’re getting a higher number of OOO responses to your emails this time of year, you can take advantage of the vacation mindset to make some serious progress on your deals. Even if they’re still at work, your prospects are likely taking advantage of an emptier office and more relaxed deadlines to finally work on those projects they’ve been ignoring all spring – like researching new vendors for exactly what you’re selling. They’re less stressed, more receptive to new pitches, and generally just feeling good. This is all great news for your summer sales slump.



Plan Ahead to Talk to Decision Makers…



Yes, the people you “need” to talk to will likely be out of the office for a few days (or more this summer). That doesn’t mean you should give up on reaching out to them, but it does mean you need to do a little more proactive planning. The next time you talk with your prospects, strike up casual conversations about their vacation plans. Everyone loves to talk about what they’ll be up to over the summer, and you’ll be able to plan your calendar around theirs. Vacations can work in your favor in other ways, too. A decision maker might be feeling the pressure to make a final choice on what you’re selling before they leave, resulting in a quicker sale. Or, if they’re waiting until they get back, you get to take advantage of their post-vacation open-mindedness to close the deal. It’s a win-win!



…Or Don’t!



When decision makers go away, they almost always leave someone else in charge. If you can’t reach the executive you’re looking for, try reaching out more generally to the company to see who is handling these matters in their absence. Decisions are rarely made in a vacuum, even at large companies with powerful CEOs. If you can successfully pitch your product or service to the people at the company who will actually use it, they’ll be raving about it and putting positive pressure on the decision maker to go with your solution when they come back.



Kiss the Summer Sales Slump Goodbye



With a little prior planning and strategy, you can turn your traditionally lackluster summer months into your best ones of the year. You might even have time left over to get to some of those projects that have been stacking up – like choosing a new credit card processor. We can help with that! Give us a call at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website. We’d love to show you what makes us different.



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