At 360 Payments, we’re fortunate enough to partner with many different software companies to provide integrated payment services to their customers. What are integrated payments, you ask? Simply put, integrated payments bring your payment information directly into the business management software you use every day. It eliminates the need for separate bookkeeping and reconciliation, streamlines the checkout process, and so much more. Here are the top reasons why you should integrate today.



Save Time at the Checkout Counter



Whether you own an auto repair shop or an opera house, no one wants to keep their customers waiting at the point of sale. As the line gets longer and longer customers will become impatient, decide against some items they were going to purchase, or even leave the premises entirely if they’re short on time. Integrated payments mean that checking out a customer is only a mouse click away. Because all the data is housed in the same system, you can pull the customer’s order information, process a transaction on the attached terminal, and have all the data pull seamlessly back into your software. Your customers are paid and on their way before they have time to second guess the candy bar they picked up on the way to the register!



Improve Your Customer Experience



There’s more to a positive customer experience than just speed, of course. A correct transaction completed with a smile is better than an incorrect one handled by a harried employee, even if it is a few minutes faster. Fortunately, integrated payments aren’t just all about speed. With all of your customer data stored in one place, you’ll be ably to quickly and correctly answer customer payment questions when they call in, even if its months after the fact. No more waiting till your part-time bookkeeper comes in a few days a week to return all those calls – you can provide your customer with the high-quality experience they expect right when they want it.



Bookkeeping is a Breeze



If you’re not currently using integrated payments, you know that it can be difficult to reconcile payment data across multiple systems. A simple keystroke error creates a nightmare for your bookkeeper as they try to compare your order and payment histories, and your accountant curses you under their breath during tax season. The burden associated with keeping multiple systems in line (and with keeping multiple systems in general) can be eliminated with integrated payments.



Special Features



Some of our integrated payments setups boast additional features to help make things even easier. We are most proud of our Text to Pay integration, which does exactly what it sounds like it might. When a customer’s order is ready to be picked up you can send them a text message with a secure payment link. The customer pays from their phone when its convenient for them and skips the long line at your business. They can then pick up their purchases on their schedule – simple as that!



I Want All of This!



If you’re ready to start using integrated payments, your first call should be to the software company you use to manage your business. They can tell you which payment providers are already integrated with your software, if any. If none are integrated already, tell them to give Steve at 360 Payments a call or drop him a line on our website. He’d love to help them start offering integrated payments to you.



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