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360 Payments is very pleased to announce that Omnique Auto Shop Management Software has chosen 360 Payments as its preferred payments provider. 360 Payments is a credit card processor that lives by the principles of transparency and great customer service. The credit card processing industry is opaque and can be difficult for entrepreneurs to understand. 360 Payments launched in 2011 with the goal of unmasking the dirty little secrets of the industry, offering superior customer support, being active in the local community, and providing a fantastic chance for team members to make a real difference while earning a fair income. Partnering with Omnique is only natural as this vision continues to develop, and you can learn more about the partnership here.

“We are very proud to partner with Omnique to offer fairly priced, technologically advanced credit card processing services.” ~ Steve Ciabattoni 


“360 Payments has helped entrepreneurs simplify and upgrade their credit card processing systems for seven years, and specializes in providing business owners with the tools they need to take their businesses to the next level,” said Erik DeBoer, Omnique Operations Manager. “We are joining forces with Omnique to bring about a new era of technologically advanced payment processing and to further our mission to support auto repair shops across the country,” said 360 Payments co-CEO Steve Ciabattoni.

360 Payments’ partnership with Omnique will help support a broader initiative to empower business owners. “We are thrilled to be welcomed into the Omnique family,” said Steve Ciabattoni. “We were looking for a new partner that shared our vision to make owning a business just a little bit easier for hardworking entrepreneurs, and Omnique was an easy choice.” The partnership will include a pricing guarantee in which 360 Payments will meet or beat a shop’s current price structure, a free terminal (valued at $300), and an integrated processing solution that lowers the chance for errors and increases cashier efficiency. This will lead to faster order processing and increased revenue for Omnique clients around the country. 360’s easy API allows Omnique to provide a beautiful integration into its shop management software while maintaining data security and ensuring PCI compliance. 360’s goal is for every auto repair business in the Omnique network to possess the information, the support system, and the tools to achieve their maximum growth potential.


“We are pleased to have 360 Payments on our side,” said Erik DuBoer. “Through this partnership, 360 Payments and Omnique are leading the charge toward a better payments experience and the continued growth of a fully integrated, one-stop-shop software model across the automotive space. This collaboration between 360 Payments and Omnique makes sense for so many reasons.”

The 360 Payments and Omnique partnership will propel the automotive industry to new heights. 

360 Payments integrations will be available to Omnique customers in Summer 2018. Learn more about our partnership here.


For more information on how to partner with 360 Payments, contact Steve Ciabattoni at [email protected] or @360Payments on Twitter.



About 360 Payments:

360 Payments is a payment processing and gateway services company.  We make payments simple, secure, and seamless through integration with point of sale and stand-alone payment devices. 360 strives to take a consultative approach and educate our clients not just on how to save money but on how to reduce chargebacks and increase efficiency, whether in accounting and bookkeeping, payment processing, or technology implementation.



About Omnique:

Omnique v4.0 is the premier shop management software solution for the automotive repair industry. In 1938 when Bill Kenz and Roy Leslie started building custom V8’s in their urban Denver shop the idea of a web based shop management software was science fiction. But their vision of providing auto mechanics the tools they need to distinguish themselves never wavered and, out of that vision, some 70 years later the Omnique Shop Management Software was born.


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