The automotive industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Cars and trucks are now computers on wheels, sensing and responding to all kinds of stimuli. This provides a wealth of information for both the driver and the auto repair shop they trust to service their vehicle. How can you be sure that your shop is on the cutting edge of technological advancement? A good first step is to embrace the many tech solutions to help you manage your shop – particularly a digital vehicle inspection (DVI) tool like BOLT ON or Here’s why.



Your Customers Expect It



First and foremost (and this should really be enough on its own), your customers expect to be able to use the technology that’s integral to their daily lives when they’re caring for their car as well. With a DVI tool, you can communicate with your customers quickly and professionally about what’s going on with their vehicle, and give them the photographic proof to back it up. The customer can then review the information directly on their phone and give you a quick response. This nearly instant communication speeds up your work day and puts the customer in control of their repair schedule. Plus, with 360 Payments, you can even text the total repair order amount to the customer and have them pay their bill via text message before they even get to the shop – talk about convenience!



Your Productivity Will Increase



Everything in your shop will run more smoothly once you integrate a DVI tool into your daily workflow. Your techs will spend less time communicating with service advisors because customers won’t be calling in asking for clarification on what exactly need to be done with their vehicle. Service advisors, in turn, will no longer be running back and forth to the shop floor, interrupting techs to get a status update on a vehicle or relay a customer question. The DVI tool allows you to communicate this information quickly and clearly the first time, directly to your customer’s phone.



Compete with The Dealerships



The dealerships like to trade on fancy features and upgrades – swanky waiting rooms, a local shuttle service, etc. You know that you have better prices and will take better care of the vehicles in your shop, but how can you prove that to a prospective customer? More importantly, how can you earn their trust? In addition to doing consistently great, honest work on their vehicle, you can also leverage your DVI tool. By showing photos of worn-out components, providing quick and professional estimates, and even texting the invoice to your customer for remote payment, you’ll show that the dealerships don’t have you beat on convenience and technological advancement.



Text to Pay – It’s Here!



We’ve mentioned the idea of texting invoices to your customers several times in this post, and we’re going to mention it again. Why? Because the ability to accept payments remotely is a crucial part of your overall DVI tool strategy. Through our partners at BOLT ON and, 360 Payments is proud to be the only credit card processor offering this service. We call it Text to Pay, but you’ll simply call it “awesome.” To get started, simply click the name of your DVI provider below. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website.



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