At your auto repair shop, your technicians most likely perform an inspection on each vehicle that comes through the doors. But if they’re still writing their notes on a sheet of paper and handing them to a service advisor crumpled and covered in grease spots, you’re missing an opportunity to impress the customer and potentially even make a larger sale. In this post, we’ll describe the three most important reasons to convert to digital vehicle inspections today.



Sleek Presentation That Rivals the Dealerships



Your customers are used to receiving information in a streamlined, professional way. Whether they’re at the doctor’s office or a hardware store, customers expect the businesses they deal with to be up to date digitally. An auto repair shop that is handing out handwritten receipts and messy bills of sale is going to start losing business to a more professional shop nearby – like a dealership. Digital vehicle inspection software allows your technicians to make a thorough assessment of the vehicle’s overall health and communicate its immediate and future needs clearly and cleanly. Do their skills in diagnosing and repairing automobiles increase just because they started using a digital vehicle inspection tool? Of course not. But your business’s credibility sure does.



Streamlined Communication Across Your Shop



Picture this: Your technician completes their inspection of a customer’s vehicle. They identified a few concerns in the process and head over to a workbench to fill out their form, wiping greasy hands on a towel as they go. When finished, they take the completed form to a service advisor and head right back out on the shop floor. The service advisor picks up the form – and has no idea what it says. Between grease spots, smudges, and your technician’s less than perfect handwriting, the service advisor finds themselves chasing after the technician to figure out what’s going on with the vehicle. If you’re still using handwritten inspection reports, this story is all too familiar. The good news is that digital vehicle inspections can eliminate the whole thing. Your service advisor can easily see and understand the technician’s notes, and the technician doesn’t even need to walk into the shop to deliver the form. It all happens seamlessly.



Increased Upsell Potential



Most service advisors hate to contact customers about big repairs, especially those that don’t seem “necessary” – the car still runs, and may continue to run for a long time. A digital vehicle inspection can help increase the service advisor’s chance of getting to “yes” on services that, while not strictly related to the reason the customer came into your shop in the first place, will help ensure their safety and peace of mind in their vehicle. Sending the customer the inspection report just prior to calling them allows them to digest the information, review the reasons why, and get over the initial sticker shock. Some digital vehicle inspection tools allow for technicians to attach photos or video as well – imagine how powerful it can be to show the customer the problem with their vehicle, or what a particular part should look compared with what it actually looks like.



Which Digital Vehicle Inspection Tool is Right for You?



There are a number of digital vehicle inspection tools on the market today, and your auto shop management software may already have this functionality built in. Our partners at Bolt On and both offer excellent digital vehicle inspection products – we recommend you check them out if your software doesn’t have a built-in solution. And, if you’re looking for a credit card processor who specializes in the automotive industry and will give you the individualized attention your shop deserves, we’d love to throw our hat in the ring. Give us a call at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website.



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