Your Competitor is Not Your Enemy: Tips to Collaborate and Conquer

Every shop owner wants to be better than “the other guys.” Auto repair is a hyperlocal industry – customers are repairing their cars right where they are, right now. This makes it tempting to see the other shops in your town as competitors that must be crushed in order for you to succeed. The truth is that there’s enough work for everyone. You can’t realistically service every vehicle that drives by your shop, and you’ll be far more successful if you join forces. Here’s why your competitor is not your enemy.

You Can Share Knowledge and Resources

There is no “secret sauce” in auto repair. Every shop has their specialties and their weaknesses, and every owner has aspects of their business that come naturally to them and others that cause them to struggle. If you’re regularly connecting with and talking to the other members of your local aftermarket community, you will learn tips and tricks that you can take back to your shop and use to better it. You’ll also teach other owners a thing or two, improving the overall quality of the auto repair market in your area.

You Can Build a Professional Network

At some point there’s going to come a job you just can’t do. There’s no shame in sending a customer with a highly specialized vehicle or nagging problem you can’t diagnose to another shop that you know specializes in this very thing. You know they specialize because you talk regularly, and because you talk regularly you can give them a call as the customer is pulling out of your driveway and heading over to theirs. The smooth hand-off is better for the customer, and you’ve strengthened the relationship with the other shop owner.

You Can Take Care of Each Other

Business is hard, and things don’t always go right. If you have a problem with a key tool on a busy day, how much of a relief would it be to know that you can call up another shop and borrow their spare? Likewise, every shop knows at least one customer who is just never satisfied. When they leave your shop in a huff after you’ve gently suggested the two of you are not a good match, you can let your network know so they don’t expend endless time and frustration trying to please this person. Taking care of others in your community benefits all of you.

You Can Grow Faster Together

It should be apparent by now that collaboration between local auto repair shop owners has its advantages. The biggest one of all is that your shop will grow faster and be more successful if you build and maintain relationships with your peers (notice we didn’t say competitors). This also means that they will grow faster – and that’s OK. Remember that there is enough business for everyone, and that your job is to provide a first-class experience to every customer who walks through your doors. If you’re doing that and continuing to listen to and improve based on feedback, you will be successful regardless of what your competitors do.

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