360 Consumer Finance Platform

Help your customers drive new sales and increase their average RO by offering an easy and secure financing integration. Consumers can apply, get approved, and pay right from their smartphones.

The New Consumer Financing Standard

Consumers demand flexibility and choice when it comes to paying for vehicle repairs.  If you aren’t offering them simple, safe ways to get to yes, you’re being left in the dust. Get the jump on the competition by offering 360 CFP, featuring Text-to-Lend.

Streamlined Application

Embedded within popular DVI tools, T360 CFP allows consumers to view their estimate and quickly and discreetly apply for financing – all from their smartphone.

Added Convenience

Everyone is too busy these days to spend hours waiting for approvals.  Make it easy  by ensuring consumers get their approval decision in minutes with

Focus on Technology

With Text-to-Lend, you’re showing your customers your commitment to innovative new tech that will improve the customer experience at their business.

Security and Service

Consumers need to know that their data will be handled with care. 360 CFP featuring Text-to-Lend meets and exceeds the latest data privacy and security standards, plus it’s backed by industry-leading support.

Simplified Sales Process

Make it easy for service advisors to sell consumer financing options without feeling overwhelmed. 360 CFP featuring Text-to-Lend automates this potentially challenging conversation.

See How It Works

Seamless Integration

360 CFP featuring Text-to-Lend is integrated seamlessly into the industry’s top DVI tools like AutoServe1. Consumers can view estimates, apply for financing, and get an approval decision in minutes from one beautifully designed interface.

What Our Customers Say

Drive Revenue Fast

Help your customers sell more jobs and increase their average RO with 360 CFP, featuring Text-to-Lend. Consumers approve estimates faster and more often when they don’t have to agonize over the cost.