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pairTerminal and pairTerminalWithCountry
The pairTerminal method will return the APIkey, APIpwd and TerminalID that needs to be stored for later use when running a transaction.


Your resellerName will be provided to you. The ReferenceID is a unique id that references the client on your end. If a client has multiple locations and you pass the same ReferenceID to us for all of them, we will link their terminals together. This makes it easy for customers to move terminals between their stores if needed.

The api will return a Success or Error status response. If it’s a Success, you would store the api key, pwd and terminal id with the register and use those credentials to make transaction calls.

The pairTerminalWithCountry method has one additional field “Country”. If you know the country of the client, please use this method. Valid values are “USA”,”Canada”,”UK”,”Australia”,”New Zealand”


The ReferenceID is a unique id that references the client/merchant/organization on your end. If a client has multiple devices and you pass the same ReferenceID for all of them, we will link their terminals together. The first time a client is directed to this page, they will be asked to confirm their contact information, once added to our system this page is no longer shown and we proceed to the terminal pairing process.

If a client is boarded and they have 5 credit card terminals, and the same ReferenceID is provided, we will return the same ApiKey and ApiPassword for all 5 devices, the ReferenceID will be the same for all devices although the TerminalID will be unique for each device.

On the next boarding request a new ReferenceID should be provided for an new entity/business/organization and we will return a unique ApiKey, ApiPassword and TerminalID related to this ReferenceID.

*It is NOT recommended or allowed to pass the same ReferenceID for all boarded accounts.

HTTP Request – pairTerminal

https://velox360.com/services/api.asmx/pairTerminal?BusinessName=Blackline&ContactName=Joe&Address=1234%20anystreet&City=Anytown&State=Illinois&ZipCode=12345&[email protected]&Phone=555-555-5555&ResellerName=ResellerID&ReferenceID=1234-4322-23423&TerminalSerialNumber=1234

HTTP Request – pairTerminalWithCountry

https://velox360.com/services/api.asmx/pairTerminalWithCountry?BusinessName=Blackline&ContactName=Joe&Address=1234%20anystreet&City=Anytown&State=Illinois&ZipCode=12345&[email protected]&Phone=555-555-5555&ResellerName=ResellerID&ReferenceID=1234-4322-23423&TerminalSerialNumber=1234&Country=USA

JSON Response (standard transaction response fields)

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