Augmented Reality Will Transform Your Auto Shop. Here’s How.

Augmented reality is still a new concept to many people, including business owners, but it won’t be for long. Augmented reality (or AR for short) is advancing quickly and will soon transform the way we do many of our mundane daily tasks. In the automotive industry, augmented reality will have six key impacts over the next decade or so. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Lure Top Technicians

Augmented reality is cool and trendy, but it’s much more than that. It’s the future, and the top techs in the industry understand that. By investing in AR, you’ll attract the premier talent that’s smart, innovative, and forward-thinking – exactly the type of technician you want on your team.

Take Diagnoses to the Next Level

Ever tried to diagnose a vehicle but just couldn’t get a good look at the part or system in question? With augmented reality, your techs will be able to access tools and views that will give them a more holistic view of the vehicle and what might be wrong with it. AR acts as an extension of your technicians to make them more powerful than ever before.

Speed Up Your Shop Floor

If you want to increase your car count without growing your team, augmented reality will be of special interest to you. With AR, your technicians can spot worn out parts and replace them faster, resulting in less time spent per RO and more total vehicles rolling through your shop.

Faster Turnaround for Customers

No one wants to be without their car for long, and augmented reality can help you lower the amount of time each car is in your shop. Your customers will be thrilled by how quickly you’re able to return their vehicle to them, and they’ll reward you by coming back the next time it needs service.

All Technicians are Created Equal

Give your junior technicians a boost with augmented reality so they can work on jobs usually reserved for their senior counterparts. When everyone in your shop is working at the same level, you’re able to offer complex services more consistently with shorter wait times – no more waiting for a master tech to be available when augmented reality can guide a less experienced tech through the same repair.

More Revenue!

All of these advantages add up to more revenue for your shop. With higher car counts, happier customers, better equipped technicians, and the great customer service for which you’re already famous, you’re well on your way to dominating the competition. Augmented reality can help you get there.

Technology’s Next Frontier

Augmented reality may still be ways out from being mainstream, but the most tech savvy shop owners are already exploring and seeking to understand it. Are you one of them? If the answer is yes, then you just might be a great fit for us at 360 Payments. We believe in investing in technology and helping our customers do the same. Give us a call at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website. We’d love to show you why we’re the automotive industry’s leading credit card processor.

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